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The INTESOL accredited 140 hour Certificate in TEFL with Online Teaching Practice is the perfect option if you would like to gain an internationally recognized TEFL course online that includes 20 hours of teaching practice. This course also includes a module on teaching young learners (TEYL), so you’ll be fully equipped with the skills that are in high demand by TEFL employers worldwide. You’ll learn the best ways to make classes fun and engaging for both you and your students, ensuring that your experience is a rewarding one. All this for an amazingly affordable price.

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The course will include:

Unit 1: Study Skills [Not Assessed] - How best to organize your study time
•    Personal motivation
•    Planning and organizing study time; timetabling, study periods, realistic planning
•    Study techniques; making notes, concept maps, nuclear notes, mnemonics
•    5 step reading techniques; selection, recognition, extraction, organization and transfer of information
•    How the course works; role of tutor, tutor assessed and self-study tasks
Unit 2: The Study of English
•    Module 1 – Deductive Analysis and use of grammars – parts of speech and grammatical terminology – the tense system, reported speech, active and passive
•    Module 2 – Elements of pronunciation: intonation including rising and falling tones, sentence stress, weak forms – sounds of the language/phonology; word stress, schwa sound, phonemic chart – teaching a ‘pronunciation point’
•    Module 3 – Lexis selection: frequency and appropriacy – lexis formation: synonyms and antonyms, word stems, parts of speech including prefixes and suffixes
*Please note a full Back to Basics Grammar Resource is provided with this course
Unit 3: The Teaching and Learning of ESOL
•    Module 1 – Overview of ESOL issues – being a caring teacher, involving students, using realistic language, keeping the students attention, teacher talking time, correction, levels in ESOL teaching, visual aids, use of mother tongue; teaching for exams: Cambridge ESOL, Professional English Examinations, TOEFL etc; the role of grammar, classroom techniques, one to one teaching
•    Module 2 – Listening and Reading: skills and the textbook, different kinds of listening, available materials – reading in a foreign language; types of reading, types of texts, writing comprehension questions, stages of reading activities, designing reading activities
•    Module 3 – Speaking and Writing; what it’s like speaking in a foreign language, setting up speaking activities, types of speaking activities, discreet sound teaching, issues in teaching writing, the nature of writing as a skill, organising and planning writing activities
•    Module 4 – Visual Aids; study of all the audio-visual aids available – production of your own flashcards and aids to be used with a simple flannelgraph.
•    Module 5 – Error – looking at authentic student errors, classifying them, using a correction code, producing remedial exercises and improving your own practice.

Unit 4: Classroom Management and Assessment
•    Module 1 – Learning and teaching; seating, name, teacher talk time, use of questions, ways of differentiating, managing interruptions, learning styles – Lesson Stages and Plans
•    Module 2 – Parts and stages of a lesson – time management, group, needs analysis, writing aims and objectives, predicting problems, sample lesson plans at a range of levels
Bonus Unit: Young Learners [Not Assessed]
•    Differences between the ways in which adults and children learn
•    Features in the stages of development of Young Learners
•    Classroom management strategies for use in the Young Learners classroom
•    Teaching techniques for use with Young Learners


The online teaching practice is taken with the largest online English school in the world. You will teach one to one and small groups and you will be mentored by an experienced teacher.

Here is an example of a lesson you may be asked to prepare and teach:
•    Level: Elementary
•    Topic: Where I live
•    Target Structures: There is/are; prepositions of place; quantifiers- some, any, a few, a lot
•    Vocabulary: Relevant adjectives to describe a town/city; places/buildings in a town/city

The INTESOL Online Teaching Practice is a totally flexible, convenient method of earning a combined TEFL qualification COMPLETELY ONLINE.

Every session you teach must be treated as if you are teaching a regular class. Therefore, audio and visual distractions must not interfere with the quality of the session. No phones, televisions, radios, loud fans, people, cars on the street, pets, or any noise should be audible in the room when you are teaching.

Also, your background must be a plain background. Most teachers will arrange their desks so their backs are facing plain walls - no doors, pictures, windows. Other teachers put up a white curtain or sheet to create a plain background. This is very important as this will facilitate a professional image of you and also allow the clients to focus on your teaching.

Refer to the 'How it Works' tab for complete Teaching Practice details and requirements.


This 140hr combined course is accredited through ALAP.

ALAP, Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals, is an independent, international awarding organization born from decades of experience teaching and developing teacher training and English language courses.  

ALAP accredited TEFL/TESOL certifications are recognised by employers worldwide as being synonymous with comprehensively trained and effective employees. ALAP accredited TEFL/TESOL certifications have rigorous checks carried out regularly, bi-annually, to ensure the administered course materials meet high standards. 

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The course was better than I expected. Course content very thorough. Trainer awesome, knowledgeable, helpful. Always on hand and glad to help. Accommodation perfect, could not have asked for better!
- Terry Engel
Amazing! Our trainer was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of ESOL teaching. Always calm and able to answer any questions put to her Support was excellent even when our trainer was very busy she would stop and help. I will highly recommend both the course and the hotel to anyone interested in a TESOL course.
- Paul Williamson
Tutor was exceptional! Extremely knowledgeable and able to convey material in a simple manner. Extremely patient as well. Course content was diverse. The range of topics covered was perfect. From what to teach, how to teach, to what we do when we leave here.
- Heather Washtak
I’ve enjoyed working with my tutor, Vince Ferrer, and I greatly appreciate his comments and suggestions. I hope I can be the effective teacher that he has nurtured me to be! There is hopefully a teaching job in South Korea for me so my TESOL certificate will be of great use to me. Many thanks.
- Suzanne Sutherland
I found the course interesting and the coursework satisfying and productive. Thank you for everything and thanks to Vince Ferrer, a very efficient and encouraging tutor.
- Luisa Miller-CharbitL

INTESOL Worldwide was founded in the UK in 1993 in the belief that anyone possessing the passion to teach, the skills to express themselves clearly, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others should be given the opportunity and encouragement to gain a professional certification in TESOL. Today, INTESOL has accumulated over 20 years of quality course provision, and a proven track record as a renowned and respected accredited TESOL course provider.

Our Mission

The overall mission of INTESOL is to help people from a broad range of backgrounds achieve a varied and fulfilling lifestyle through teaching English and living abroad. Our aim is to help you develop and grow as a person by showing you how to become a confident, well-resourced, professional ESOL/EFL teacher.

Through continuing research and development INTESOL seeks to be the world leader in quality TESOL/TEFL training; TESOL/TEFL training that takes into account the demands of every day life. We are ranked amongst the top TEFL course providers for the quality of our teaching so, whatever your reason for studying, you’ll find yourself in expert hands.

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4.  Receive a username and password from the INTESOL addmissions staff. You can now login to the student area, access the course materials, message the course trainers and begin working on the course. 

The TP component for this course is accessible to anyone regardless of location - all you need is a computer and Skype. You will be given lessons to prepare. Your lesson plans and materials will be emailed to the Director of Studies in the school whose students you will be teaching.
You will be asked to suggest dates, and lessons will be arranged at times mutually convenient for you and the school. You will be able to decide whether to do your lessons on the same or different days. You will also have the option of planning and delivering just one group initially so that you can draw on the experience to plan the following group. You will be expected to plan 6 lessons of 40 minutes each, 3 at elementary level and 3 at a different level. You will be sent details of the lessons you must plan.

Here is an example of a lesson you may be asked to prepare and teach:

  - Level: Elementary
  - Topic: Where I live
  - Target Structures: There is/are; prepositions of place; quantifiers- some, any, a few, a lot
  - Vocabulary: Relevant adjectives to describe a town/city; places/buildings in a town/city  

At the beginning of the TP, the tutor will have a quick word with you and after you have been introduced to the students the tutor will remain off screen.  All your lesson materials will be printed out ready for the lessons; you will be able to ask the tutor to assist by handing out materials, showing flashcards etc. At the end of the TP you will be asked to reflect on the practice and for oral feedback. Full oral feedback will then be given by the Director of Studies or tutor. The Online Teaching Practice is a totally flexible, convenient method of completing your training.

Technical Requirements for Online Teaching Practice

•    Desktop/Laptop PC: Intel Core2 Duo processor or better - no netbook or tablet.
•    Windows operating system: Windows 7 or 8
•    Internet Explorer web browser: Version 9 or higher.
•    Mac: OS 10.7 and higher - no Ipad
•    RAM: 2GB or more
•    Internet Speed: Minimum 800 Kbps download and 500 Kbps upload
•    Wired internet connection: Cable, DSL, or Fiber Optics - no wireless connection.
•    Webcam: Either built-in or preferably high quality Creative, Logitech, or comparable.
•    Headset: Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 preferred, or any headset with sealed headphones and a swivel boom microphone - EXCEPT Logitech USB headsets.


This course is displayed and sold in USD. Your local currency price is displayed in addition to the USD sale price for reference purposes only. There are no additional fees, the displayed price includes all required course materials.  The course fee must be paid in full before receiving course access and instructions.


There is a 14 day refund guarantee for this course, provided no course assignments were submitted for marking or grading. Students who have already submitted completed assignments for marking or grading will not be eligible for a refund.  If you would like to apply for a refund please write to us by email and your refund will be issued as soon as possible [within 15 business days]. 


This course requires proficient English speaking, reading & writing skills. Non-native speakers should have B2 level proficiency in the English language. If you are not sure of your English Language level then please schedule a free consultation session with one of our advisors.


TEFL Source is not the Course Provider; we work in partnership with the Course Provider as an authorized reseller of this certification course. TEFL Source does not rebrand or alter course specifics or particulars in any way. All courses displayed and sold on this website are ‘one and the same’ as the respective courses that are sold and displayed on the Course Provider’s website.  

Some of the personal information you submit during the payment and registration process will be shared with the respective Course Provider. The information we share is necessary for enrollment purposes. We do not share, sell or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to any outside parties other than the Course Provider that’s responsible for administering the Course you purchased. Information that is shared with your respective Course Provider includes your name, address, phone number and email. Under no circumstances are your credit card details shared with the Course Provider.  Please visit our ‘Privacy Policy’ page to learn how personal information is collected and protected.


Please visit our Terms & Conditions page ( for complete policy information.

Course FAQ'S

INTESOL Worldwide

No. You can enroll and begin this course at any time.

No. All course materials are included in the displayed enrollment price.

No. Refer to the next FAQs for other prerequisites.

It depends on your English proficiency. Non-native speakers with a strong command of written and spoken English are eligible to enroll in this course.

Yes. Having previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite for this course.

Yes. A college or university degree is not a prerequisite for this course. However, some countries, schools and teaching programs with only hire candidates with College/University degrees.

8 weeks.

Unlimited, students have as much time as they need to finish course work, assignments and exams.

Students may resubmit failed assignments. Tutors work closely with students to ensure a satisfactory pass level.

The assessed units are marked and returned with comments and guidance from your personal trainer. The work submitted is continually assessed, there are no written examinations.

Grades are awarded as follows:
A1 – Distinction
A2 – Excellent
B1 – Very Good
B2 – Good
C – Pass

You will receive your certificate within 3-4 weeks of completing the course. All students receive an authentic hardcopy of their certificate upon completion. Note: There is a small fee for electronic certificates.

The INTESOL Careers Centre will help you make decisions about all aspects of your TEFL career planning and development, as well as give you up-to-date advice on producing CVs and coping with interviews.

You can begin applying for English teaching jobs anytime. Some employers will offer you a position with the understanding that you are currently enrolled in a TEFL course that will be completed before the job contract begins. INTESOL can provide enrollment verification letters if requested.


  • Don't believe all the hype that's associated with CELTA and Trinity certification courses. My friend spent £2000 on his CELTA course while I spent $400 on a hybrid TEFL course, which was mostly online but included 20 hours of teaching practice, and we both have the same salary, benefits and working conditions in Japan! I'm quite satisfied with the deal I found on TEFL Source, definitely worth a look if you're planning on getting certified.S. Hyeong
  • Highly recommend using TEFL Source if you want to get certified to teach English as a foreign language. I'm currently travelling in SE Asia so I wanted a course that I could work on from my ipad. TEFL Source had lots of great options and the prices were more competitive than other places I looked. I can't wait to start teaching now!Jon Sobolewski
  • So far so good! Enrolled in a 120hr course last week and already completed the first 2 modules. Kudos to the TEFL Source staff for walking me through the different options and taking the time to explain what I needed, and what I didn't for that matter, in order to teach over in Korea.Rhea Csergei
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